Royal Arch Chapter

Royal Arch Chapter of the Round Table

History is in the making, so they say, and as to date the Chapter of the Round Table has only just begun its historic journey. The Chapter was Consecrated on Tuesday 23 May 1995 at the Kings Heath Masonic Hall, Kings Heath, Birmingham. It should be noted that the Chapter now meets at the Masonic Hall, Northfield.

Most Excellent Grand SuperintendentThe Chapter meets on the second Tuesday in January, the first Tuesday in May and the third Tuesday in September. The Installation Meeting is in May.

When a Freemason has attained the rank of a Master Mason he is then entitled, after a period of one month, to be exalted into a Royal Arch Chapter and is then referred to as a Companion.

Royal Arch Chapters meet independently to Lodges, however a Chapter may be attached to a Lodge.

Chapter regalia differs greatly from that of a Craft Lodge. It still consists of an Apron, but this has a distinctive red and blue surround. Companions also wear a red and blue sash and a special Jewel which Royal Arch Masons wear in their Craft Lodges to illustrate the bond that exists between Craft and Royal Arch.

The ritual of the Royal Arch, like that of Craft Lodges, takes the form of allegory. It helps to channel the attention of the Companions, without challenging or conflicting with their individual religious beliefs. Each Royal Arch Chapter is comprised of a number of Officers with specific titles and duties, the most important of these being the three Principals who together rule the Chapter for one year. An Installation meeting is held annually, at which time a new team of Officers is invested.

In Worcestershire there is also a Provincial Grand Chapter with its own team of officers who are appointed on an annual basis, with The Grand Superintendent as the figurehead of this order. The present Most Excellent Grand Superintendent is E.Comp. Colin Peter Thomas Brown.

The Supreme Grand Chapter oversees the affairs of the Royal Arch throughout England and Wales, and officers are appointed at an Annual meeting. HRH The Duke of Kent is the First Grand Principal.