Alistair Wainwright Memorial Fund

posted on 26 June 2017


Nigel and Debi Wainwright receiving the cheque presented by G.W. Barrow, Asst PGM

Alistair died, aged 6, in May 2000 twelve months after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour known as medullablastoma. Brain and spinal cord cancers are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children under 15 and accounts for 25% of childhood cancers; research is important to improve treatments, reduce severe side-effects of treatment and improve survivorship.

Since Alistair died, Nigel and Debi have been raising funds to support brain tumour research at Birmingham Children's Hospital/Birmingham University with a specific request our donations should be used to support collaborative links with Nottingham University/QMC and these two hospitals are leading researchers in the subject of children's brain cancer.

Photo: Nigel and Debi Wainwright receive a cheque from the Triple Century fund nominated by the Lodge of the Round Table. Both are extremely grateful for the support of the Province and the Lodge in particular, being a cause so close to their hearts.

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